Company environment

The company regards employees as the most precious resource of the company, and treats the strugglers as the foundation, treats them equally, and encourages employees to practice the "loyalty" culture. That is, the mind is right, the mind is broad; the words must be believed, and the actions must be resolute.

The company has a good employee communication, promotion, and learning platform, and has established a corresponding employee care center, cadre reserve echelon, employee learning organization and mechanism, and truly allows employees to participate in the establishment of the company’s system and the management of departmental work implementation; for Employees provide legal remuneration, human benefits, and a safe and comfortable working environment. Regular learning every week, and various cultural and sports entertainment activities are held every month, which steadily supports the win-win development of the company and employees.

The pre-job corporate culture, operating skills training, multi-level skill assessment and automated equipment grading maintenance system have formed a harmonious human-machine relationship to ensure excellent product quality.