R & D strength

The company’s R&D center is one of the most powerful R&D centers in China. It now has an excellent R&D team that brings together a group of doctors, masters, engineers, and well-known technical elites in the battery field. The company cooperates with Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China Normal University and Guangdong University of Technology have launched in-depth cooperation on provincial production, education and research special projects, established teaching experiment bases, and established the company's technological leadership in the lithium-ion battery industry. In 2016, the company established the "Andefeng Lithium Battery Research Institute" and was named "Guangdong Province Lithium-ion Battery Engineering Technology Research Center". The Energy Storage Research Center of Tsinghua University Shenzhen Graduate School settled in the Andefeng company and researched with Andefeng Lithium Battery The institute builds laboratories together to form a long-term strategic partnership. "Excellent quality, honesty in action" is Andefeng's quality policy, and providing customers with better products and services will always be the work center of Andefeng people.