7.4V 8800mAh special equipment low temperature backup batter

 Custom case     |      2021-12-03 11:32

Special communication radar is a special electronic equipment that uses electromagnetic waves to detect targets. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the radar illuminate the target and receive its echo, thereby finding the target and determining its position, direction of movement, speed and other characteristics. Because of its special combat environment requirements, the backup battery needs to provide continuous power supply under ultra-low temperature -40 and meet the standards for combat shooting experiments.

Battery parameters

Battery specification: LA18650-2S4P/8800mAh/7.4V

Cell model: LA18650/2200mAh/3.7V

Nominal voltage: 7.4V

Nominal capacity: 8800mAh

Battery size: 42*90*153mm

Internal resistance of battery: ≤100m?

Battery weight: 500g

Charging conditions: 1.76 A×6.5hours(-20℃)/4.4A×2.5hours(25℃)

Continuous discharge current: 1.76 A(-40℃)/ 4.4A(25℃)

Protection current: 6-8A

Charging voltage: 8.4 V

Discharge cut-off voltage: 5.0 V

Service life: charge and discharge conditions at 0.5C, charge at 1.0C, ≥500 cycles when the remaining capacity is 80%

Charging temperature: 0~45℃

Discharge temperature: -40~60℃

Storage temperature: -40~45℃ (time limit)

main feature

-40℃ 0.2C discharge capacity retention rate is more than 80%, 0.5C capacity retention rate is more than 60%

Cycle life reaches more than 500 times