51.2V 50Ah intelligent detection robot lithium battery pack

 Custom case     |      2021-12-03 11:39

Quote: (Keywords: low temperature battery, power battery, intelligent detection robot lithium battery) Due to the rapid development of intelligent robot technology, more and more application fields. The intelligent detection robot lithium battery customized by our company has "high energy, high density, high cycle life, and wide use environment temperature", which can be in the environment of -20 degrees to 65 degrees, making the robot normal all-weather in harsh environments Work.

It is widely used in various intelligent automatic logistics handling equipment such as AGV, RGV, automatic guided vehicles, industrial robots, service robots, automation systems, intelligent logistics trucks, special robots and so on.

1. Intelligent detection robot battery design requirements:

According to customer requirements and specifications, design low-temperature battery packs for railway tracks, aircraft and other testing equipment, and cooperate with safety protection circuits such as temperature protection to achieve a battery solution for batteries and equipment that operate in low-temperature harsh environments.

2. The specific parameter requirements are as follows:

1) Battery design requirements: ternary lithium material 26650-14S12P/50Ah/51.2V

2) Structural design requirements: the requirements are less than 375x260x215mm, the appearance is exquisite, the whole is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof, and the cold-rolled plate sprayed powder shell and aviation connector are used.

3) Circuit design requirements: working temperature: -20~+60℃, motor power: 1200W, rail car mileage: 30-40 kilometers, working 2-4 small four, charging 58.8V/5A.

3. Intelligent detection robot battery design scheme

1) Sheet metal powder sprayed shell and plastic battery holder: According to customer requirements, the design size meets the required sheet metal shell, and the surface is sprayed with powder to make the sub-black effect to meet the exquisite design requirements, meet the requirements of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, using one-piece nickel belt Spot welding, with the plastic bracket to connect the batteries, and the use of copper bus jumpers to ensure the impedance and reliability of the overall battery pack.

2) Protection board:

3) Overcurrent protection chip (PTC): Mainly designed for the secondary protection function. The PTC recoverable fuse has the dual function of overcurrent protection and automatic recovery. The PTC in battery products can prevent the occurrence of battery high temperature discharge and unsafe high current.

4) Dedicated vacuum waterproof aviation plug: the external battery adopts vacuum waterproof connection to meet customers' waterproof requirements

5) LA26650-14S12P/50Ah/51.2V lithium cell battery pack (low temperature cell)

6) Battery arrangement scheme

The overall size of the customer: 375x260x215mm (maximum size)

Battery pack: 14S12P, divided into seven small modules,

Arrangement of modules

7) Design scheme circuit diagram

4. Intelligent detection robot battery product realization diagram: